Daryl Conner

An internationally recognized leader in the field of change management, Daryl Conner serves as a leading advisor and educator to senior executives across the globe. Since 1974 Conner’s work with organizations has been built on a strong foundation of research and training in organizational consulting. He is the author of Managing at the Speed of Change and Leading at the Edge of Chaos: How to Create the Nimble Organization, and is a top authority on helping organizations achieve greater human resilience as they approach major transitions.


Waking up to the next level (Part 2)

This one is about waking up to my intent so I will start to see more of it in the world around me.

Waking up to the next level

Sharing some notes on the ‘Raising Your Game’ workshop by Daryl Conner.

Berlin Change Days 2014 is raising the bar!

The Berlin Change Days is one of those very rare events where organizational change practitioners can meet in person.

Advice to Change Agents: Skate to Where the Puck Is Going, Not Where It Has Been

Social architecture, the subject of this Lead Perspective, sets the stage for how companies can effectively navigate large-scale systems transformation.

3 Take-aways from the ACMP 2014 Conference

A video of me sharing some learnings from the latest ACMP global conference in Orlando last week.

Connecting the dots between Character, Presence and Client Effectiveness

In this post I summarizes my thoughts on Daryl Conner’s Character and Presence series.

Free ebook: Building Commitment During ERP Rollouts

Over the past month Daryl Conner and I have been working on a new ebook that combines our experiences, models and lessons learned. You can read it online and / or download it for free.

Mapping Projects Against Commitment

It takes a drawing to see how the roll-out plan of an ERP implementation and the stages of commitment go hand in hand.

Social Architecture is the How of Commitment

Some thoughts on the anatomy of commitment and how it goes hand in hand with community.

Implications for Practitioners Using the Burning-Platform Metaphor

In the fourth and last article of the Burning Platform Series guest author Daryl Conner covers some implications for practitioners wishing to use the burning-platform metaphor.