Advice to Change Agents: Skate to Where the Puck Is Going, Not Where It Has Been

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to write a so called ‘perspective’ for People & Strategy. The fun part about this is that my point of view gets countered by 4 other authors. In my particular case, those were 4 people whom I respect enormously, so you can imagine how honored I was when all four of them agreed to counter my perspective.


Social architecture, the subject of this Lead Perspective, sets the stage for how companies can effectively navigate large-scale systems transformation.

  • Daryl Conner, whose writing has shaped the thinking of consultants and leaders globally, builds on the Lead Perspective, noting the significance of this point in time.
  • Jennifer Frahm weighs in from Australia, reminding us we still have a long way to go.
  • Holger Nauheimer, from Germany, places social architecture in the broader context of history, technical change and leadership.
  • Finally, Peter Vermeulen, (at that time) from Johnson & Johnson, shares with us a view from inside a large global corporation.

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