Free ebook: Building Commitment During ERP Rollouts

Over the past month Daryl Conner and I have been working on a new ebook that combines our experiences, models and lessons learned. You can read it online and / or download it for free.

Building Commitment During an ERP Rollout from Luc Galoppin

In this ebook we bring together our insights on commitment and social architecture. You will learn how the eight stages of commitment apply to an ERP rollout and why it is crucial to carefully plan the moments-of-truth. This e-book is specifically useful for executives who face an ERP rollout. It helps us to see where we need to be vigorous in terms of organizational change management.

Enough said about why 70% of the change efforts fail (and the fact that this percentage may even be higher on ERP programs) – here is what we can focus on to enable commitment for the change in our organization: the commitment map for navigating moments of truth.

Feel free to copy and distribute it as it is; as freely as you wish.
Have fun & thanks for reading!