3 Take-aways from the ACMP 2014 Conference

Several people have asked me to share my learnings on the ACMP conference last week and some have even challenged me to pick up blogging again. More in particular, my friend Geert double-dared me to video-blog about the conference. So I’m bringing it on.

If you were at the conference as well, please share your learnings in the comments section – it would be great to have more than just my perspective.


  • Beth Lowe

    Number two of your list of three main points (the importance of being centered) was one of the very best things I heard at the conference. Thanks for reiterating it here!

  • Hey Beth – thanks. By the way – this is also something we focussed on during the post-conference workshop of ‘Raising Your Game’ with Daryl Conner and Mel Toomey. I kind of see it as a ladder:

    How we are grounded >> (determines) >> How we show up >> (determines) >> What we enable for individuals and communities >> (determines) >> Client effectiveness

    Or lemme make a drawing of that for one of my next blogposts…

  • Guest

    Luc – looking forward to your next blog post! Thought you’d like to see this pic from the conference, of you creating another drawing…

  • Oh – that’s cool – thanks Beth!

  • Heather Lehmann

    Hi Luc
    – Thanks for pointing me towards your video blog. I loved it! I found Gerard van Grinsven’s talk
    really inspiring too. Very interesting how those listening skills that he honed as a bartender have been so important throughout his career. I also really
    enjoyed your panel, and gave it a mention in my recap blog here: http://bit.ly/1rn3ae1. And you’ve inspired me to try video blogging too! Still feeling inspired by that post-conference workshop with Daryl Conner & Mel Toomey – and still practicing awareness around my presence and impact. Take care – Heather