Peter Block

Peter Block is the author of several best selling books. The most widely known being Flawless Consulting. He writes and talks about how consultants can provide service and accountability to organizations. And oh… did I mention that he is a great source of inspiration to consultants who care about their profession?

Commitment and Social Architecture

There are four types of commitment and they learn us about two ways to restore community.

Leadership in a Social Architecture

It turns out that we need more, not less, leadership in a Social Architecture.

Defining Social Architecture

The closer I investigate the term Social Architecture the more I begin to look like a dog chasing his tail.

Neighbors As Citizens Making Democracy Work

The transcript of a conversation with John McKnight, Peter Block and David Mathews on citizenship, advocacy and the fact that community can bring out the innate capacity of its individuals.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 20)

A closer look at the one ingredient that makes the difference between authentic and inauthentic communities, i.e.: Autonomy.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 15)

There is an alternative path to ownership, other than coercing people into change. It’s called invitation.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 3)

When we invert our traditional thinking about what is cause and effect we can redirect the focus of our attention and efforts.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 2)

Connecting the insights of Peter Block on community transformation to the path of Social Architecture. The moral of the story: we are not problem solvers, but capacity builders!

The Resistance Pregnancy Test

The number one behavior you come across in projects is almost never authentic resistance. In fact, resistance is only one of four possible reactions. But it takes a pregnancy test to see it.

Parenting as a Management Skill … Huh? (part 10)

In this article I want to question this thing called leadership. I have a feeling that we are over-rating it.