Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen (1955) spent the past three decades searching for a simpler way to get work done. His books contain actionable advice in a provocative style that is a refreshment to our expertise.

Disruptive Hero… Me?

Great to be interviewed by one of your own favorite business authors!

Touchpoints Make The Difference

An interview with Doug Conant on the fact that we have on average 70 four-minute moments a day where we can make a difference.

The World Belongs to the Tweakers, Not the Inventors

When Steve Jobs told us to ‘Stay hungry, stay foolish’, did he mention to be late and steal from time to time?

If it’s not about Community it ain’t Communication

99% of what we call communication in an organizational context is non-communication. Instead, it is what marketers would call ‘advertising’.

Healthy Meetings

Last week, someone made me aware of the fact that a 4 hour meeting we attended with 30 persons accounted for almost one man-month. Unfortunately, it never says so on the invoices or the time-sheets of the participants.

Communication “1-N”: The Checklist

Building further on the Know-Feel-Do anatomy that I explained last week, there is a checklist that I often use for large scale communications on big organizational change projects.

Know-Feel-Do = Bottom Line of Communication

In the world-famous book of John Kotter, ‘Leading Change’, we can find a striking calculation regarding communication of strategic large-scale organizational change projects.

The Speed of Change

This is just a reminder of two things we all know but fail to understand when it matters most: simplicity and synchronization.


You can change all you want, but execution happens at the speed of making sense.

Four Knowledgeable Facts About Executives

From my experience, I know that chief executives are not the easiest persons to deal with. But you do need them as an authorizing and reinforcing driver behind the program during the complete life-cycle.