Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis (born July 15, 1954) is an American journalist. He is the former television critic for TV Guide and People magazine, creator of Entertainment Weekly, Sunday editor and associate publisher of the New York Daily News, and a columnist on the San Francisco Examiner.

Gamers Will Save Our Economy (Part 5)

It’s not a joke: painting a bull’s-eye on your deliverables is your first job if want to succeed with people who don’t report to you.

Collaborative Consumption determines your Reputation Capital

At TEDxSydney, Rachel Botsman says we’re “wired to share” – and shows how websites like Zipcar and Swaptree are changing the rules of human behavior.

E Qwè?! – My Quest for Relevance ( #smc2010 congress )

There is no point in being relevant when you don’t have the permission to access the community you want to address. Relevance is a matter of co-creation, and this requires permission first.

Music and Leadership (part 6)

On how Music is a vehicle to travel beyond the things we take for granted about leadership and why it is not a good idea to pour salt in your coffee.

Love & Work (Part 5) – What Motivates Us?

From the previous generations there is no evidence that building more autonomy and purpose into our work environments may lead to happier and more productive people. Luckily times are changing and leaders have to get out of the way for their organizations to survive in the knowledge economy.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

“If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too.”
— Dr. Seuss

Music and Leadership (part 4)

It is not the first time I got carried away by music into insights and aha’s on leadership. Last week I was fortunate enough to sneak into another rehearsal of the B’Rock orchestra. A strange thought crossed my mind: ‘What Would Google Do?’

Unleash the Red Monkey (A Twitter Tale)

As I am writing this the second Twitter Brainstorm of OCPractitioners has just closed. I never thought it would be a confrontational idea for the 150+ followers. But somehow I have the feeling we have not quite crossed the chasm.

Book Review: WWGD – What Would Google Do?

Anyone who wants to go “2.0” should read this first. In this book Jarvis explores the impact of the internet on our society and the impact of Google on our economy.

Alea Iacta Est

Alea Iacta Est is a Latin phrase that translates as ‘the die is cast’. The phrase exists since the time of Julius Caesar and is still used today to mean that events have passed a point of no return.