Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 20)

A closer look at the one ingredient that makes the difference between authentic and inauthentic communities, i.e.: Autonomy.


Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 10)

When we put all the models about community development aside, presence and permission are the things that make a difference.


Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 6)

Transforming the community by inverting the way we manage resistance? That’s another one of those counterintuitive things you need to know about community development.


Sometimes Anger is the Ultimate Commitment

As a change practitioner we should sharpen our diagnostic skills for dealing with anger. If we don’t, we will be navigating the project with a defective compass.


Laundry Learnings

Is it resistance or is it poor design?


Implications for Practitioners Using the Burning-Platform Metaphor

In the fourth and last article of the Burning Platform Series guest author Daryl Conner covers some implications for practitioners wishing to use the burning-platform metaphor.

Figure 2

Use Pain and Hope to Execute Change

In this third article of the Burning Platform Series guest author Daryl Conner talks about the relationship between pain and hope, which are both necessary to create the commitment needed to sustain change.


The Resistance Pregnancy Test

The number one behavior you come across in projects is almost never authentic resistance. In fact, resistance is only one of four possible reactions. But it takes a pregnancy test to see it.


Bringing It All Together

Describing an ‘aha’ moment that took me about five years. Warning: it’s pretty dense…


Parenting as a Management Skill … Huh? (part 9)

Great parents know that what looks like laziness is often exhaustion.

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