Tom Peters

Tom Peters (1942) is best-known for In Search of Excellence. He has probably done more than anyone else to shift the debate on management from the confines of boardrooms, academia, and consultancies to a broader, worldwide audience.

Power to the Pilot

In every project there is an extreme retrofit phenomenon that can only be seen when one participates in all stages of a project. I label it as ‘power of the pilot’.

The Math of Project Communication

Implementation is a relationship thing and therefore project communication should focus on being in relationship – as opposed to ‘being right’.

You. Are. Your. Own. H.R. Manager.

How can social media support you in your ‘Me Inc’ journey? Wrong question. We can no longer afford not to engage. Being a Me Inc means being your own HR manager.

The Plan in the Mirror

To cut a long story short: I am lost and we are not so sure that I will ever be able to get back on track. I simply refuse to accept that the purpose of planning is to make a plan.


We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.

To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called you.

Music and Leadership (part 5)

A conversation on the parallels between music and leadership reveals quite some blind spots. And I’ll let you guess on which of both sides. What worries me most is that these blind spots are too obvious to be true.

Horror, the Ultimate Learning

Buzzard attacks are rare, but when they occur on the scalp of an organizational change practitioner it leaves a scar. Five seconds of horror and two lessons for life: Respect and Experience.

A conflict isn’t always a bad thing – Part 4

"Implementation is the last 99%" – Tom Peters Finally – the GSD perspective (GSD = ‘Getting Stuff Done’). When we have a closer look at the workplace dynamics that are in play when projects and departments are getting work done (aka: ‘implementation’), there is a remarkable phenomenon: conflict and tension seem to be part of […]


Plans … are made to be tinkered with—and eventually torn up.


If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.