Seth Priebatsch

The 21-year-old Seth Priebatsch founded his first startup at age 12, and by age 18, he’d founded another — PostcardTech, which makes interactive marketing tours for CD-ROM. Now he’s working on SCVNGR, “a massive experiment in building a mobile game together.” Backed by Google Ventures, SCVNGR is part game, part game platform.

Learning Heaps from Hypes

A visual analysis on why Google+ will fail to become the framework of social networks even though they have a superior product. It all depends on observing the color of the zone your competitors are in.

Game Dynamics at Work: The Email Game

Remember when I said that we should install more ‘Basketball Rings’ instead of ‘Barriers Removed’?
Well, the email game is a perfect application of that.

Gamers Will Save Our Economy (Part 4)

Here is a 12 min presentation by Seth Priebatsch – a proud college dropout – explaining us essential things about the gaming fabric that is being installed on top of our social fabric.