Game Dynamics at Work: The Email Game

Remember when I said that we should install more ‘Basketball Rings’ instead of ‘Barriers Removed‘?
Well, the email game is a perfect application of that. More precisely, the email game shows gamification dynamics at work.

Gamification is the introduction of gaming dynamics in order to influence a behavior. Seth Priebatsch, a gaming specialist who previously spoke on TED, distinguishes 4 gaming dynamics that govern our thinking and our behavior. Two out of those four are clearly present in this email game:

  1. The Progression dynamic: the counter and the score at the top of the screen motivate you to focus and decide on the actions to be taken for each email;
  2. Influence and status: The share-ability of this tool motivates people to compare scores and score better than their peers.

Have look, try it for yourself and discover the hidden potential that gamers have yet to discover in the way we do business today. Let me say it one more time: gamers will save our economy!

PS: thanks to @janseurinck for the hint