Karl Weick

Karl Weick (1936) is an American organizational theorist who is noted for introducing the notions of “Enactment”, “loose coupling”, “mindfulness”, and “sensemaking” into organizational studies.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 17)

The purpose of this article is to obtain a precise definition of community.

Resistance Yourself!

Coming to terms with the very ‘resistance’ I have been studying and writing about for the last few years: it is all about the same thing. It is all about me, myself and I. And that’s bad news for my ego.

Resistance, Resentment, Regret, Rescue OR…. RESPECT?

A lot of R words with a particular significance on this blog. In a reaction on last week’s post I was requested to define resistance more precisely.

The Chameleon Law

In the 1944 unfinished novel Mount Analogue, René Daumal describes the travel of a company of eight, who set sail in the yacht Impossible to search for Mount Analogue, a solid, a geographical place that “cannot not exist.”

Making Culture is No Rocket Science

In this article I want to pick up the broken pieces that resulted from my organizational culture rant of an earlier post. I stated that measuring culture is the wrong pot to piss in.

Better a wrong decision than no decision

The following story may help you understand the importance of beliefs in guiding the emotions of a team through daunting changes. It is quoted from Weick’s book ‘Sense Making in Organizations’ (1995) (*):    “This incident, related by the Hungarian Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorti and preserved in a poem by Holub (1977), happened during military […]