John Kotter

John Kotter (1947) is a professor at the Harvard Business School and author, who is regarded as an authority on leadership and change. His most popular work is Leading Change, with the ‘Kotter-8-steps’.

Domino Before You Bingo

There are five domino blocks that need to fall over before you can kick-off a large-scale organizational change program. What’s more: there is a specific order and distance that works best.

Elephants! Everywhere I look!

Forget the cheese and the mice, organizational change management just entered a new era: that of elephants and riders. The Heath brothers published a ground-breaking book on our core business.


Change is more effective when people are shown a truth that influences their feelings, than if they are given analysis to shift their thinking.

Know-Feel-Do = Bottom Line of Communication

In the world-famous book of John Kotter, ‘Leading Change’, we can find a striking calculation regarding communication of strategic large-scale organizational change projects.


In failed transformations, you often find plenty of plans, directives, and programs, but no vision. In one case, a company gave out four-inchthick notebooks describing its change effort. In mind-numbing detail, the books spelled out procedures, goals, methods and deadlines. But nowhere was there a clear and compelling statement of where all this was leading. Not surprisingly, most of the employees with whom I talked were either confused or alienated.