Edgar Schein

Edgar Schein (1928), a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, has made a notable mark on the field of organizational development in many areas, including career development, group process consultation, and organizational culture.

Humble, Humble, Humble

Here is the setting: The user of a system is face-to-face with the consultant to figure out a problem. The user needs a solution and the consultant is competent without any doubt. So this can’t go wrong! Right?

Pay Attention to your Attention

Sometimes people look at me strange when I mention the importance of psychological safety during organizational change projects. It is a term that I borrowed from the writings of Edgar Schein. Until now I didn’t find a way to explain in plain English what exactly I understand under that term. Strange and expensive words come […]

The Time Factor

As I am writing this we are about to shake up a traditional organization by means of an SAP implementation. Most of the times this is regarded as a pure software implementation: design the system, configure the system, test the system and roll it out. That is how most software engineers look at it and […]

Quantum Theory and Change Management

The Essence of Organizational Change Management is based on … Quantum Theory