Daryl Conner

An internationally recognized leader in the field of change management, Daryl Conner serves as a leading advisor and educator to senior executives across the globe. Since 1974 Conner’s work with organizations has been built on a strong foundation of research and training in organizational consulting. He is the author of Managing at the Speed of Change and Leading at the Edge of Chaos: How to Create the Nimble Organization, and is a top authority on helping organizations achieve greater human resilience as they approach major transitions.


If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When? (by Daryl Conner)

In this third and last article about the ‘why’ of our work guest author Daryl Conner makes a case for change facilitation as a calling.

Change Facilitation: a Worthwhile Profession (by Daryl Conner)

Guest author Daryl Conner shares the major reasons why he thinks it’s important to be a change practitioner.

The “Why” of Our Work (by Daryl Conner)

Guest-author Daryl Conner on the importance to stay mindful of why we are motivated to engage in this occupation.

Connecting Some Dots

Social Architecture is an upgrade for Change Management as we know it. Does this mean that Change Management is bugged? Well… sort of…

Featured Interview Guest on Daryl Conner’s Blog

Now here is a milestone I am pretty proud of. Some time ago I had the honor of visiting Daryl Conner in Atlanta for week.

The Giant Misunderstanding on Burning Platforms

‘Burning Platform’ is change management jargon to describe the urgency of a situation to change our behavior. But what is the real meaning of it? I asked change management guru Daryl Conner.


Understanding human behavior does not make you immune to it.

Why Marketeers outperform Organizational Change Experts (PART II)

I always wonder why a glossary is mostly the last part of a document – it just makes no sense. So, let’s not do that and start with the glossary of this very article…