Gaming Changes Who We Are

A 5 min summary of Jane McGonigal’s speech at the Flanders DC Creativity Forum last week. Some Remarkable quotes:

  • 73% of musicians who play an instrument on a videogame report that they play their real instrument more regularly. Instead of distracting us from what matters to us, games may be serving as a gateway to real live goals;
  • Games in which we have beautiful and physically attractive avatars increase our self-confidence (Stanford study) for at least 24 hours after playing for 90 seconds. So games may be changing who we think we really are;
  • Coping mechanisms for soldiers in Afghanistan: lowest rate of psychological distress … was for gamers (3 hours per day) Only a 5-6 hour workout at the gym tops this as a stress-relief instrument.

In short:

  1. Games are a gateway to real-life goals;
  2. Games do bring out the best in us;
  3. Games do change who we think we really are – for the better;
  4. Games can protect us from real life harm by filling our bodies and minds with positive emotions and experiences;
  5. Games can give us super-powers to control our minds and do creative things.

Pretty awesome indeed…

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