Marshall Goldsmith

Marshall Goldsmith is a coach to top executives in many of the world’s leading companies, a prominent speaker and educator, and the well-known author of many books and articles on leadership. He is one of the foremost authorities on how to help leaders achieve positive, measurable changes in their own behavior and in the behavior of their people and teams.

Unraveling Social Interaction (part 7)

Taking care of the relationship is too simple to be true, because the tools at your disposal are as straightforward as a Swiss Armyknife.

Exactly HOW can I be Responsible for the Communication?

Some things in life are too simple to be true. Take for example the most effective tools that allows people to be responsible for relationships. Hint: they are available to all human beings.

Feedback takes Courage

“You are NOT paid for wasting your time with performance evaluation. You are here to do your bloody job!”.

Apparently, those are the words of a senior program director my friend Christopher bumped into while checking out the idea of evaluating the performance of the consultants of his team.

Trust is the Currency of Change

In any organizational change project you will be taking people through some difficult phases and you will have to heavily rely on people to make a shift from the current reality to a future state. In such a situation, mutual trust and good relationships are sometimes the only things to hold on to. But how […]

Leading@Google: Marshall Goldsmith

This 65 min video is worth watching till the end. You’ll see Marshall Goldsmith in action on an event called Leading@Google. The bottom line of his talk and exercises is: you can’t change the past, so focus on the future and ask: what can I do to be a better manager / parent / son […]

One, Two, Three, Seven?!

Every time I introduce something new into my team, my project or the organization I am working for I am reminded of how well I can count. Let me explain: it’s all about buy-in. The below text is quoted from Marshall Goldsmith’s book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. It describes exactly the […]

2008 … Highway To Hell

This time of the year is by far the best moment to over promise on good intentions. As the saying goes: ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. Cutting back on promises and refraining from making a new year’s resolution would be the safest thing to do right now.