Jonathan Haidt

Jonathan Haidt is associate professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. His book The Happiness Hypothesis examines ten “great ideas” dating from antiquity. The elephant and the rider is the main theme throughout this book.

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Defining Social Architecture

The closer I investigate the term Social Architecture the more I begin to look like a dog chasing his tail.

The How of Ownership

Have you ever tried to make someone in your organization the owner of a project or an initiative? How about propelling someone into a new position? Ownership is the road less traveled.

Balancing Your Career … With Statistical Hypothesis Testing

As it turns out, comparing your career / your work with a doughnut makes it pretty easy to evaluate.

Love & Work (Part 4) – Hsieh Guevara

What could you possibly learn about happiness from a guy who spent his college years at Harvard partying; claims to have a personal relationship with RedBull; learned all he had to know about business from playing poker; and now even released a book titled ‘Delivering Happiness’? Yes, it’s OK to be suspicious.

Love & Work (Part 2) – The Meaning of Life

Love and work bring meaning to life. The hardest part to align them according to our strengths. Happiness turns out to be about knowing our strengths. But first things first: what is it exactly we are after?