John Gourville

John Gourville is professor at the Harvard Business School. His research focuses on consumer decision making. In his current research investigates when and why innovative new products fail to gain traction in the marketplace.

E Qwè?! – My Quest for Relevance ( #smc2010 congress )

There is no point in being relevant when you don’t have the permission to access the community you want to address. Relevance is a matter of co-creation, and this requires permission first.

The Time Factor

As I am writing this we are about to shake up a traditional organization by means of an SAP implementation. Most of the times this is regarded as a pure software implementation: design the system, configure the system, test the system and roll it out. That is how most software engineers look at it and […]

What’s In It For Me?

How do you sell something people didn’t ask for? It’s a question worth asking when you are involved in organizational change projects such as an ERP implementation.   In my opinion, marketers know more about how to cope with a changing environment than any other people inside an organization. In fact, the survival of the […]