Jim Gant

Maj. Jim Gant is the author of the groundbreaking e-book, One Tribe At A Time, heavily influencing U.S. military views on counterinsurgency. Armed with an AK-47 and 300 rounds of ammunition, he puts his life on the line and his strategy to the test.

Legitimacy leads to Accountability

Legitimate authority is a necessary precondition for accountability to occur within the target audience.

Management Lessons from the War in Iraq

In this video we see Tim Harford talking about the similarities between the War in Iraq and the organization’s top-down management.

How to Belong to the 30% Successful Projects (Part 3)

When the rubber of program success hits the road, we see that tribal leadership is the mechanism that makes a social architecture tick. And this urges us to strike a balance between compliance and co-creation.

E Qwè?! – My Quest for Relevance ( #smc2010 congress )

There is no point in being relevant when you don’t have the permission to access the community you want to address. Relevance is a matter of co-creation, and this requires permission first.