Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey Moore is a Silicon Valley based high technology consultant and author. His books are derived
from his Silicon Valley consulting work and earlier work by Everett Rogers.

Learning Heaps from Hypes

A visual analysis on why Google+ will fail to become the framework of social networks even though they have a superior product. It all depends on observing the color of the zone your competitors are in.

Welcome to my Bell-Shaped World

Take a seat on the other side of my eyeballs. You will discover that I look at the world through a pair of bell-curve-shaped lenses. I keep tinkering until they make sense. So there you go: Ten Tinkered Bells!

A conflict isn’t always a bad thing – Part 5

Unexpected – like innovation itself – another perspective that I’d like to add to this series: the newest insights on biodiversity.

A conflict isn’t always a bad thing – Part 2

The process of creative destruction is not the only place where conflict proves to be productive in the long run. Here comes the demographic point of view.

The Speed of Change

This is just a reminder of two things we all know but fail to understand when it matters most: simplicity and synchronization.

Why Marketeers outperform Organizational Change Experts (PART II)

I always wonder why a glossary is mostly the last part of a document – it just makes no sense. So, let’s not do that and start with the glossary of this very article…

Why Marketeers outperform Organizational Change Experts

Because they share basic insights of Evrett Rogers, Goeffrey Moore, Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell! So here is my small manifesto for less academic mumbo jumbo and more marketing common sense. Population Analysis For starters, in a 1962 book called Diffusion of Innovations, Everett Rogers (*) stated that adopters of any new innovation or idea […]