Barefoot Ted

Barefoot Ted is an independent athlete committed to re- discovering primal natural human capacities and encouraging others to do the same. His personal journey is outlined in the best selling book “Born to Run”, a book he likes to call his PhD thesis that he didn’t have to write.

A Case for Change: You Walk Wrong

This is a great article that offers a broad perspective on barefoot walking and running. I look at it as a case for change that is about to mature itself out of the pool of visionaries and early adopters. Barefoot walking and running is entering the zone of pragmatists. Being an early adopter myself of […]

Music and Leadership (part 2)

How can we un-learn management science and get back to the common-sense of teamwork? Switch-off all the rules, check-lists and scorecards we have been spoon-fed in our management education? A scenario for disaster you may think? Quite the opposite as I witnessed yesterday.

Barefoot Ted: A Change Agent Like No Other

Every year, thousands of runners are injured due to leg and foot pain. In response, athletic-shoe companies have invested fortunes into high-tech cushioning, arch support, and shock absorbers. But despite these efforts, as many as six out of 10 runners get injured every year.