Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 13)

As it turns out the development of a social architecture within an organization is the best way to cultivate ownership over benefits realization. And the magic happens during project installation.

If not fighting silos, then what?

Slowly coming to grips with the insight that fighting silos is barking up the wrong tree. But if not fighting silos, then what?

What does the future of change management look like?

A 90 minute video of the ACMP panel discussion with Dean Anderson and Daryl Conner on the future of change management.

Stuff we can learn from non-profits

Why would we as organizational change practitioners be interested in what a non-profit does for adolescents? Quite a bit as you will discover from this transcript.

The Wisdom of Silos

For too many years we have been labeling organizations and groups of people as silos. And then we find ourselves fighting that which we have labeled as such in the first place.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 12)

Some examples of internal social networks that never really worked.

Social Architecture Webinar Playback (60mins video)

A video playback of a webinar I did on Social Architecture.

McKinsey I feel so sorry for you (rant-alert)

While giving away control is seen as a flaw in a traditional context, this is the one and only true skill that should be addressed in leaders.

How to Organize for Complexity? (Interview)

An interview Niels Pflaeging about a book that he recently published, called Organize for Complexity.

Never the same river twice: resetting leadership

We need to reset leadership to the most human of human roles. Else it is no longer serving our world.