Filip Michiels

Filip Michiels graduated from the University of Ghent in 1993 and spent the first ten-some years working with The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC). There he led an international IT development department, responsible for financial and sales order management systems supporting the ELC sales affiliates worldwide.

Since 2007 he is Director of Support Services at HDP-AristA, a Belgian Human Resources services provider. At HDP-AristA he is responsible as a CIO for all ICT endeavors, as well for the legal department, that helps customers with all their social-legal related inquiries.

Change & Chocolate – Part 2

To see people who were once labeled as ‘sheep’ taking initiatives and putting their ass on the line is the greatest gift of all. Finding out that I am the one now needing to stretch in order to keep up with my Oompa Loompas – instead of the other way around – is a great experience.

Change & Chocolate

Is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory just another adventurous book written for children or could there be a hidden lesson for Organizational Change Practitioners? In this article Cool Friend Filip Michiels shares his insights on Charlie’s adventures and tells us how he applied them as CIO of an HR services provider.