The Education Revolution (Part 12): Peter Senge on the Future of Education

Here is an inspiring video of Peter Senge underscoring the purpose of education.

The Education Revolution (Part 11): Reverse Mentoring Cracks Workplace

Turns out that social media is reshaping the direction of the learning and coaching flow within organizations.

The Education Revolution (Part 10): A Curriculum of Toys

Here is a wonderful list of toys that are available for us to use here and now in order to stimulate the intrinsic learning of our children.

The Education Revolution (Part 9): Video Games

One of those posters that should be hanging in the classroom… facing the teachers.

The Education Revolution (Part 8): Social Learning

Now that social networks are here to change the way we do business, we might as well have a look at how they enable us to learn better. Today, Harold Jarche published an excellent whitepaper on this subject and it includes a lot of organizational truthtelling.

The Education Revolution (Part 7): The Role of the Educator

If you are as serious about learning and the generations ahead as us, you should take your time to absorb the insights and surf the abundance of links.

The Education Revolution (part 6): The 21st Century Learner

This video is so fundamental for us as parents, as managers and as educators.

The Education Revolution (Part 5): School for Hackers

Great article by The Atlantic about the importance of making things.

The Education Revolution (Part 4): Managers Not MBAs

This one-hour video of Ricardo Semler and Henry Mintzberg is worth watching for anyone aspiring to be a manager or anyone thinking that ‘MBA’ or ‘Phd’.

The Education Revolution (Part 3): Taylor Mali

“What teachers make” is the title of this ‘slam poem’. A slam poem is poetry in your face. As Mali states: If you asked for it I have to let you have it.”