Twitter Learning Stages

This cool info-graphic shows the different stages of adoption people go through using Twitter. I think it is appropriate for a lot of social media tools.

What’s surprising however, is that there is some resemblance to the change curve of elisabeth Kübler-Ross we are all acquainted to in organizational change management. Here is my take on it:

1. Complete inability to understand = Denial & Anger
2. Trying & failing to enjoy = Bargaining
2bis. … = Depression
3. Ohh so that’s… = Acceptance
4. Addiction = ???

So that’s pretty cool. But wait.

When you look at the gaps, it gets even more interesting, because there are two pieces missing in this matching puzzle:

  • Depression = none of this in social media? (this part may be overlooked)
  • Addiction = none of this in change management? (well, seems like this part may be overlooked as well…)

Now this is a gap worth focusing on!