Sigal Barsade

Stress is the Fever of Burnout

A few weeks ago I posted my thoughts on employee burnout and Dr. Beverly Potter was kind enough to post a comment. According to her it is a common misconception that stress causes burnout.  As she continues: “Stress and burnout are not the same. Burnout is a kind of job depression and is caused by feeling […]

Grumpy Boss and Burnout?

Some time ago I posted an article on burnout and just recently I shared my view on the causes and effects of grumpy bosses. Until now I only vaguely realized that both were related with each other, but since I used the car – engine – driver comparison as a metaphor the relationship is getting […]

Useful Insights from Employee Burnout

Research suggests that the level of autonomy or job-control determines the level of stress and burnout to a larger extent than job-demand or complexity. For managers there is a lesson in there: Respect.