Naomi Karten

Prevent Survey Fatigue

During large programs it is very difficult to keep an eye on what is cooking inside the organization and how people’s perceptions of the upcoming change are evolving. But how do you prevent these surveys from missing their point Рor worse: their audience?

Level 1: Attention please!

Why so-called Smiley-sheets are important Donald Kirkpatrick first published his ideas on training evaluation in 1959. His four-level model is now considered an industry standard across the HR and training communities. It was later redefined and updated in his 1998 book ‘Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels’. According to Kirkpatrick, each of these evaluation levels […]

30 Dirty Truths about SAP & Organizational Change

30 Dirty truths about SAP and organizational change management. Taken directly from my experience in the field. Biased without a doubt, but straight from the gut.