Michael Hammer

The Math of our Profession

It makes no sense to adapt to an imaginary future that is not yet in place. It’s causing unnecessary resistance.

Mind the Stopgap!

You should never be implementing SAP for the sake of SAP. The investment should be directly linked to the realization of business benefits over the course of a payback period. Without benefits, SAP is just a stopgap. An expensive stopgap.

Metaphorically Speaking about SAP

The majority of the projects I am involved in are SAP implementations and most of the times we face the issue of explaining the impact of SAP to the future users, their bosses or their bosses’ boss. I grab the attention fairly easily by saying ‘this is not just a software implementation‘, but as soon […]

30 Dirty Truths about SAP & Organizational Change

30 Dirty truths about SAP and organizational change management. Taken directly from my experience in the field. Biased without a doubt, but straight from the gut.