Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget (1896 –1980) is the father of child-psychology. He discovered that each development stage prepares the child’s brain-mind for new potentials. If appropriate responses for those potentials are given in a safe space, learning is automatic, spontaneous and natural.

Jean Piaget

On Life and Birthing

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Instead of evaluating a change situation from a ‘Death and Dying’ perspective, I would suggest to look at it from the ‘Life and Birthing’ perspective.

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The How of Ownership

Have you ever tried to make someone in your organization the owner of a project or an initiative? How about propelling someone into a new position? Ownership is the road less traveled.

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Parenting as a Management Skill … Huh? (part 3)

Building further on the insights of child development, there is another fundamental leadership characteristic that one will never learn at Harvard, but only in the day-to-day family-life: it is the importance of setting boundaries.

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Play – Like Children Play

"I began to think of children not as immature adults, but of adults as atrophied children. But when I said this to educationalists, they became angry.” – Keith Johnstone This week I would like to highlight the importance of creativity in the setting of an organizational change program. Regardless of the change you are dealing […]

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