Charles Handy

Charles Handy (1932) is an Irish author/philosopher specializing in organizational behavior. His career started at Shell International. He was a co-founder of the London Business School in 1967 and left Shell to teach there in 1972.

Neighbors As Citizens Making Democracy Work

The transcript of a conversation with John McKnight, Peter Block and David Mathews on citizenship, advocacy and the fact that community can bring out the innate capacity of its individuals.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 19)

In this article we take a closer look at the personal investment loop that strengthens the feeling of membership.

Getting Serious about Community Development (Part 8)

It’s a culture shock – and a big one…

Featured Interview Guest on Daryl Conner’s Blog

Now here is a milestone I am pretty proud of. Some time ago I had the honor of visiting Daryl Conner in Atlanta for week.

How to Belong to the 30% Successful Projects (Part 2)

Successful programs don’t just coordinate local roll-out projects. They provide a platform for the network of relationships that is built during each roll-out. It’s called Return On Relationships.

When I Say Learning

If we want to get more out of training programs we should redefine them as learning programs. Changing that one word can make the difference between the achievement or the failure of a strategic initiative.

Balancing Your Career … With Statistical Hypothesis Testing

As it turns out, comparing your career / your work with a doughnut makes it pretty easy to evaluate.

Love & Work (Part 6) – Growing Into a Customer

The sensation of becoming excited about details and stuff the customer cares about. Happiness is the nudge that transforms a job into a calling. Whenever I pour my commitments as a consultant into the same bucket of commitments as the customer, there is no stopping me.

Book Review: The Empty Raincoat

Although The Empty Raincoat was written 16 years ago, the predictions are so precise that it could have been published last week.

Feedback takes Courage

“You are NOT paid for wasting your time with performance evaluation. You are here to do your bloody job!”.

Apparently, those are the words of a senior program director my friend Christopher bumped into while checking out the idea of evaluating the performance of the consultants of his team.