Bob Sutton

Robert I. Sutton is Professor of Management science at the Stanford Engineering School and researcher in the field of Evidence-based management. He has published some influential books on management, among which ‘The No Asshole Rule’ is the most popular. We highly recommend following his blog ‘Work Matters‘.

What Social Media Means for Leadership

Guest blogger Jamie Notter on the real value of social media for our organizations: radically transforming leadership!

The Resistance Pregnancy Test

The number one behavior you come across in projects is almost never authentic resistance. In fact, resistance is only one of four possible reactions. But it takes a pregnancy test to see it.

Why 70% of Changes Fail

Did you know 70% of all changes attempted in organizations fail? This failure rate has been consistent for decades. How can you avoid being part of this dreadful statistic? This article identifies four major areas you can focus on.

One more time: Resistance is a good thing!

Resistance is only 1 out of 4 possible reactions; but it takes a resistance map to see it.

Cracking the Code of Indifference…

… and Coming to Better Grips with Resistance For a few weeks now I am fascinated by a discussion on indifference on Tom Peters’ blog. It brought to my attention that there is more than ‘good old resistance’ to organizational change. The longer I thought about it the more I realized that the number one […]