Jef Staes

Jef Staes is a leading authority on Learning & Innovative Organizations and the founder of EOI Academy.
He awakens companies with a unique concept to guide them through the necessary changes. He captured his ideas in two books: “My Organisation is a Jungle” and “My Manager is a Hero”. Through the use of rich metaphors he engages you in the story of Red Monkeys.
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Organisations in Search of a New Balance – Part 2: The Sheep Drama

Organizations don’t fall by threats they noticed in time but by threats they didn’t see coming. The low innovative power of organizations is caused by 2D-managers and 2D-HRM who didn’t or wouldn’t see the harmful impact of job descriptions and competence management on creative entrepreneurship. Unconsciously they were successful in changing a whole generation of talented people into sheep.

Organisations in Search of a New Balance – Part 1

Suppose I challenge you with following question: “How do you make your organisation capable of innovating in a very fast and much cheaper way?” What would be your answer as a CEO, business unit manager or HR director?