Can Social Architecture Fix Your Broken Change Program?

In this webinar I try to connect the dots starting from our intrinsic emotional needs all the way up to our collective potential. I arrive at one simple conclusion: the true work of a Social Architect consists of micro-moments of Ghandi and micro-moments of Shackleton.

Often we feel a disconnect in our organizational communities and we blame the culture or leaders.

This webinar shows that by thinking like a Social Architect we can identify:
a. what’s actually missing
b. how to heal the ‘the fractured communities’

Just like an architect designs spaces to live in, a social architect focuses on the social spaces that form the fabric of our communities.

It is important to pay attention to the connection between who we are (the Self), how we show up (the Social Self) and the collective potential we are capable of (the Collective Self). This is the fabric of our interconnected nature.

During this webinar I addresses how we can identify and heal two major disconnects that often lead to dissonance in our change projects. I zoom in on what it takes for a person in charge (‘change leader’) and for a team member to heal those disconnects. Spoiler alert: there is work for both!