Social Architecture In 3 Minutes

True to my own slogan ‘If you can’t explain it to your grandmother, forget it’ I have attempted to summarize the main idea behind social architecture in this video. The video was made specifically to support the entry that I made for the Beyond Bureaucracy Challenge that was organized by The Mix.

The article reached the finals, but unfortunately did not win the challenge. Anyway, I am quite proud that I got this far (I even made it to the Harvard Business Review blog) and I will continue to refine and share the concept of social architecture. Most of all: in my daily practice as an organizational change practitioner I am implementing social architecture in bits and pieces. It’s sleep depriving but worth the experience!

For those of you who don’t have the time to read the entire article, I ran a Wordle wordcloud through the article and this is the result. To me it gives a good impression on what Social Architecture is about.