You are the problem AND the solution

In the below video you can see Dr. Wayne Dyer as he makes a distinction between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’.

Imagine the following scene:

You are in your house. You’ve got your care keys in your hand. The lights go out because of a power failure. You can’t see a thing. You stumble around in your living room and you drop your keys.

You look around for a moment and you realize that you are never going to find them in the dark. But you look outside and you notice that the streetlights are on. So you say to yourself: “Hmmm … I’m not going to sit around here in the dark and grope around looking for my keys when there’s a light on outside. I’m going to go out here – under the street light – and I’m going to look for my keys.”

So you are outside, groping around and looking for your keys until your neighbor comes along. He asks:
– “What happened mate?”
– “I dropped my keys”
– “I’ll help you look for them!”

Now the two of you are looking for your car keys. Finally your neighbor says:
– “Excuse me, but where exactly did you drop your keys?”
– “Well… um …I dropped them in the house”
– “You dropped your keys in the house and you are looking for them here? This doesn’t make any sense!”
– “Well, it doesn’t make any sense to grope around in the dark when there’s light out here!”

Isn’t that exactly what we do when we have a difficult problem or a struggle that is located inside and we are looking for the solution outside of ourselves? Expecting somebody else to change or something outside of you to get better in order for you to make your life work, is something you have to take a hard look at. You are the one with the difficulties.

This reminds me of another quote by Bob Procter:

You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution.