The 6 big concerns of change

In the below video we see Pat Zigarmi underscoring why involvement of your target audience is the single factor determining the success of your organizational change endeavor.

She makes her point incredibly well by stating: “People who plan the battle rarely battle the plan.”

People don’t resist change, they resist being controlled. And if we are smart enough to involve people in every step of the project lifecycle, they will be the best drivers of change we could possibly hope for.

In her research she distinguishes 6 primary concerns for change:

1. Information concerns. People respond when they know what you know, see what you see, understand what you understand.

2. Personal concerns: what’s in it for me? Will I win or lose? Will I look good? Is this a picture of the future I can succeed in?

3. Implementation concerns: where can I get help?

4. Impact concerns: will the change make any difference?

5. Collaboration: how do we get everyone involved?

6. Refinement and improvement concerns

Finally she also challenges us to redefine how we look at “concerns”: they are not negative, they are just unanswered questions!

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